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Family Spirit
  • Be welcoming to put them at ease, to make them feel confident, while respecting the codes of luxury.
  • Create a lasting bond with the Client without being familiar.
  • Create a team spirit within the department.
  • and with the other departments.
  • Be supportive and help each other.
  • Giving of yourself. Share.
  • From the heart and not from the material.
  • To be willing to help and to please the client or the colleague.
  • To offer attention.
  • To go beyond the job.
  • Giving to receive.
  • Elegance in personal presentation, postures, gait. 
  • Open body language, positive mental attitude.
  • Elegance of vocabulary, syntax.
  • Presentation of places, materials.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Energy, enthusiasm.
  • Proud to work for an institution B Signature.
  • Show that you are ready to help: get off the counter, walk towards the customer, accompany him/her on a few steps.
  • Anticipate, do not wait for  the customer to ask.
  • Show your desire, your pleasure to welcome him, to serve him.
  • Identify the preferences of the Customer to personalize his future stay.
  • Observe the customer to find opportunities to surprise him. 
  • Memorize their name and activities to ensure follow-up and make them unique.


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Human resources team


At B Signature, employees are at the heart of our concerns, we offer our customers a tailor-made and warm service, for that, we recruit personalities who are passionate about hotels and restaurants, and driven by the desire to constantly renew and progress.

We are for the idea of relaxed luxury, far from stilted or classic luxury. Our hotels have a soul and a story to tell that each employee must be proud to pass on to our customers.

We are stories

Testimonials from our staff


Hired in 2018 as F&B Assistant at Hotel Montalembert, Martin continues in the same position at Hotel de Sers in 2020 before being promoted to Director of Catering in July 2022.

Martin, Director of Catering at the Hôtel de Sers

First welcomed as a receptionist intern, then as an assistant receptionist at the Hotel Vernet in 2016, Marina is hired as a night until 2018; where she becomes a receptionist. She was promoted to assistant receptionist in 2019, before becoming head of the reception team in 2021.

Marina, Head of reception at the Vernet Hotel

In a few numbers...

  • Hotel Experience upon validation of the trial period (night + dinner at the restaurant + lunch)
  • B Signature Experience (2 nights free in our Parisian hotels)
  • Participation bonus
  • Participation bonus
  • Social events : annual staff parties, company anniversaries, Christmas tree
  • Co-optation bonus of 300€ gross to each validated co-optee
  • 2 consecutive days off
  • Company dry cleaning
  • Night premium on night shifts
  • Mutual insurance covered by the employer up to 70%
  • Eco-friendly welcome kit (bento, thermos and water bottle)
  • Free coffee all day long
  • Not forgetting the 50% transport reimbursement


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