Born in 2003, B Signature Hotels & Resorts is a young and dynamic hotel group led by Anne Jousse. It is aimed at a new generation of guests, which differs from traditional palaces and favors relaxed luxury. 

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Anne Jousse


Unlock the unique personality of our properties in Paris, Brittany and St Barth. More than a portfolio of hotels & resorts, we strive to offer you a collection of experiences through the prisms of art, destination, food and golf. I hope you will get the chance to discover them, and live an experience that resonates with you. 

Signature Anne Jousse - CEO B Signature Hotels & Resorts
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Human resources team

At B Signature, employees are at the heart of our concerns, we offer our customers a tailor-made and warm service, for that, we recruit personalities who are passionate about hotels and restaurants, and driven by the desire to constantly renew and progress. We are for the idea of relaxed luxury, far from stilted or classic luxury. Our hotels have a soul and a story to tell that each employee must be proud to pass on to our customers.


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The Values of B Signature Hotels & Resorts

The Service Values embody the Service philosophy that you wish to implement.
They express, on the one hand, the emotional experience that you wish to offer to your Customers and, on the other hand, they symbolize the culture of the organization and its priorities. Daily, these Service Values provide a frame of reference for each act of the Customer relationship. They characterize the perfect experience, aimed at enchanting and retaining the Customer.

  • Team Picture Hotel Montalembert - B Signature Hotels & Resorts

    Give of yourself and share. From the heart and not from the material. Want to be of service and to please the Customer or his colleague. Give attention. Go beyond the profession. Give to receive.

  • Terrace Balcony at Hotel Vernet in Paris

    Identify Customers' preferences to personalize their future stay. Observe the Client to find opportunities to surprise him. Memorize his name, his activities to ensure follow-up and make the Customer unique.

  • Agathe et Anne Jousse - Hotel Montalembert Paris
    Family spirit

    The Customer must feel at home. Be warm to make him comfortable, to put him in confidence, while respecting the codes of luxury. Create a lasting bond with the Client without being familiar. Create a team spirit within the service and with the other departments. Be supportive and help each other.

  • Bathroom - Hôtel Vernet

    Elegance of personal presentation, postures, gait. Open body language, positive mental attitude. Elegance of vocabulary, syntax. Presentation of places, materials. Attention to detail.

  • Hotel Director Montalembert et Bel Ami - B Signature

    Energy, enthusiasm. Be proud to work for a B Signature establishment. Show that you are ready to help: get out of the counter, go towards the Customer, accompany them on a few steps. Anticipate, do not wait for the Client to ask. Show his desire, his pleasure to welcome him, to serve him.

  • Team Picture Hotel Montalembert - B Signature Hotels & Resorts
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  • Rémi

    How long have you been working at B Signature, for what reasons? What is the most fulfilling part of your job today? 

    Since June 2nd, 2015, because I knew the Vernet Hotel, I had the chance to eat there 15 years ago. After several years working in luxury hotels, I wanted to find a new challenge on a human scale so that I could fully develop myself, pass on my experience, train the new generation and work for a French family.

    Rémi Room Manager at the Vernet Hotel, Paris
  • Martin

    How long have you been working at B Signature, for what reasons? 

    I have joined B Signature in June 2019 as Assistant F&B Manager at the hotel Montalembert after a friend advised me to apply. Then, I had the opportunity to take the role of F&B Manager at the hotel De Sers in 2021. I wanted for a while to work in a small luxury establishment, on a human scale, in order to have a very good relationship with customers and staff and to be able to meet everyone's expectations and even exceed them.

    What fulfills you the most today in your functions? 

    Daily versatility. No day is the same as another; we do the service but also training new arrivals and to constantly improve our services, sometimes even a little cooking to support our colleagues... We have a very good relationship with a good clientele and a lot of regulars that we enjoy review often and all this is accompanied by thanks from management and this contributes to our professional development.

    Martin F&B Manager at the Hotel De Sers, Paris
  • Marie-Ange Susini - Event Hôtel Edouard 7

    How long have you been working at B Signature, for what reasons? 

    I've been working at B Signature since August 2019. I have always worked in large carriers and large hotel groups in the past, I wanted to have experience in a hotel and a smaller group in order to be closer to customers and teams and to have a vision different from what I already knew. I also appreciated the opportunity to be able to return to the Opera district, which I know very well and which I particularly like.

    What fulfills you the most today in your functions? 

    What thrives me the most in the position of seminar and banquet manager is to have a lot of autonomy and manage my files from A to Z but also to communicate with all the different services of the hotel and try as well to establish a good cohesion and communication which then allows to have good feedback from customers.
    I do my best to share my time between the office and the field and thus make myself available to both clients and teams.

    Marie-Ange Seminar and Banquet Manager at the Edouard 7 Hotel, Paris
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